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Supply Chain Council Looks to Future

Last week members of the Halton Peel Supply Chain Council (HPSCC) convened for their first meeting of 2023. Made up of member representatives from the Brampton and Mississauga Boards of Trade and the Oakville and Milton Chambers of Commerce, the Council works together to tackle on-going challenges in the supply chain by highlighting opportunities and sharing information.

Last week’s meeting covered several topics of immediate interest to those looking for supply chain solutions. Jennifer Duthie of Cintra, a global leader in highway management, presented on how the rise of e-commerce has impacted overall traffic flows. The conclusions may surprise some people, as the ability to have anything from a lightbulb to groceries delivered to our homes has not actually decreased overall road traffic related to those activities.

Bob Burrows of Bluicity presented on his firm’s emerging technology that uses tags to track the shipping conditions of perishable goods such as food and pharmaceuticals. Bluicity’s vision is track goods precisely enough to identify the exact timing of spoilage between producer and consumer, enabling real-time decisions (such as diverting a product to a closer store than its original destination) to minimize waste.

The Council also discussed workforce development opportunities and where the best options exist to identify and hire supply chain talent. A working version of a resource guide was circulated that includes many community partners, and those in the room had additional insights that will benefit all members.

The Brampton Board of Trade looks forward to continuing to collaborate with our supply chain sector partners on the Council through our regularly scheduled meetings in 2023, as well as CN’s World Class Supply Chain Summit on May 3, 2023!

For more information on the Council or to get involved, please contact Kevin Draper at

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