Brampton Board of Trade

Do you export products or do business in another country?

The Brampton Board of Trade is an authorized trade association that provides globally recognized document certification services to help your business succeed and expand into foreign markets. We provide the following fee-based services for members and non-members (see pricing below):

  • Certificates of Origin for export shipments
  • Letters of introduction for foreign markets


Document Service Hours

Monday to Friday:
9:00 am to 12:30 pm
1:30 pm to 4:00 pm

(Please note that Document Services is closed from 12:30pm to 1:30pm)

*Holiday Closure Alert*

The Brampton Board of Trade will close at 12:30pm on Friday December 22nd, 2023 and will be closed until Tuesday January 2nd 2024, resuming normal office hours starting at 9am.


Resources and Common Questions

Browse below to find information and forms regarding Certificates of Origin, document processing, and more.

What is a Certificate of Origin?

What is a Certificate of Origin? A Certificate of Origin is a document that makes a declaration as to the origin of goods to meet customs and trade regulations usually of the destination country. The Certificate of Origin attests that goods exported in a shipment have been wholly obtained, produced, manufactured or processed in a particular country as stated and declared by the applicant. The Brampton Board of Trade, a recognized Chamber of Commerce under the laws of Canada, is authenticating the Certificate of Origin, is authenticating the declaration made by the exporter by way of countersigning the Certificate of Origin. The Brampton Board of Trade is unable and NOT verifying the factual accuracy of the declaration.

What do I need to get started?
  1. A Letter of Waiver MUST accompany your first set of documents, or your Certificate of Origin and accompanying documents must be notarized.
    • The Letter of Waiver
    • Freight Forwarders: If you are a Freight Forwarder and have signing authority for all Certificates of Origin, you must include a list of companies that you represent, within your letter of waiver. Your company name must also be on the Certificate of Origin.
    • If you are a Freight Forwarder and do not have signing authority, you must provide a letter of waiver from EACH company that you represent. It must be on their company letterhead. Your company name MUST be on all Certificates of Origin.

2. Fill out the Contact Information for your company.

3. A copy of your incorporation document showing business number and address.

How do I complete a Certificate of Origin?

Certificates of origin must contain the following information completed in full to be authorized by the Brampton Board of Trade.

  • Complete Address of the Exporter (or the Forwarder for non-Canadian addresses)
  • Consignee’s/Notify Party’s complete address
  • Original Invoices or documents with identification numbers
  • Particulars of transport (where required)
  • Description of Goods, quantities and weight
  • Country of Origin/Place and Date
  • Authorized company’s signature (all signatures must be original and signed in blue ink)

Click here for a Certificate of Origin template
Click here for a Certificate of Origin example

 * Please note that incomplete Certificates of Origin will not be processed.

What documents are NOT accepted by the Brampton Board of Trade?
  • Certificates of Origin from foreign countries
  • Certificates of Origin referring to free trade agreements (e.g. NAFTA)
  • Certification of government documents (e.g. passports etc.)
  • Certification of personal documents (e.g. banking statements etc.)
  • Certification of legal documents (e.g. wills and Power of Attorneys etc.)
  • Commissioner of Oaths of Notary Public services
  • Inspection or Quality reports
  • Affidavits
What are the fees for Certificates of Origin?

Inked, Stamped & Signed In-person:
Members: $17.50
Non-Members: $30.00

Please Note: Non-members of the Brampton Board of Trade will be required to pay at the time of signing.
Members will be invoiced once per month (at a reduced rate). Invoices are due upon receipt.
We accept the following forms of payment: Cash, Cheque, Debit, Credit Card

Stamped & Signed Electronically:
Members: $28.00
Non-Members: $38.00

Can I register for my Certificate of Origin online?

In partnership with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, the Brampton Board of Trade is pleased to offer the services of TradeCert Canada – a simple, secure and timesaving electronic solution to certificates of origin.

You can register in just three simple steps:

1) Download the Letter of Waiver Form

2) Scan* your completed, Letter of Waiver, accompanied by your company’s business registration to

3) Once your documents are received, we will create your company profile and email your login details.

Important Note: If you are the manufacturer of the goods you intend to export, please send us a notarized Manufacturer’s Declaration (for Word document template), as the Chamber requires proof of origin for all goods listed on a Certificate of Origin.

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Daniela Lombardi, Customer Service Representative | Arterra Wines Canada 


We have developed a great working relationship with the Brampton Board of Trade. Always there to assist and with quick responses, it has helped us with our Export Customer needs. I can always reach out with my questions or issues; their team is always there to make sure we walk away with the best solution and done promptly.