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Co-Operators General Insurance Company – Warren Kozonguizi

Core Business/Product

We offer a comprehensive range of insurance and wealth management services, including Auto, Commercial, Disability, and Life Insurance, all supported by a financial roadmap approach.

Business History

Our founders envisioned a nationwide co-operative insurance company that would become a cornerstone of the co-operative movement in Canada. Originating from farmers who lost nearly everything during the Great Depression, their experiences with conventional businesses led them to establish co-operatives to rebuild their lives. Despite challenges such as inexperience, limited assets, and a vast, sparsely populated country, they persevered. Today, Co-operators is the result of merging several smaller companies with roots in rural Saskatchewan and Ontario.

Presence in the Brampton Business Community

Co-operators staff and Financial Advisors have been enhancing the safety, health, and resilience of Canadian communities for decades. As a co-operative, our commitment to community support and awareness drives our actions. We have proudly served the Brampton community for many years.

Additional Locations

We have thousands of agencies across Canada, including multiple locations within Brampton.

What Sets Us Apart from Competitors

Co-operative Identity: As a proud Canadian co-operative, our heritage and values shape our business approach, resulting in a unique and superior client experience. Guided by seven global co-op principles, we are dedicated to being the insurer of choice for our members and all Canadians.

Governance and Membership: Unlike shareholder organizations, we are 100% democratically owned and governed by a Board of Directors elected from our member organizations. Our mission, vision, values, and strategic direction are established with a long-term perspective, balancing financial performance with client and community needs.

Community Connections: Our staff, advisors, and members are passionate ambassadors engaged in community programs that build trust and reputation. Through our Community Advisory Panels, we listen and respond to community feedback. We also collaborate with local organizations on youth leadership, climate change, and health and safety initiatives.

Sustainability: Our corporate vision drives us to be a catalyst for a sustainable society, encompassing social, environmental, and economic priorities in our daily work. Embracing sustainability today ensures we maintain a competitive edge tomorrow.

Customer Assurance

Every time you visit us or use our services, you can count on peace of mind knowing we are dedicated to protecting what matters most to you and your family.

Contact Information

Website: [Warren Kozonguizi](

LinkedIn: [Warren Kozonguizi](

Facebook: [Warren Kozonguizi, Insurance & Mutual Funds Investment Specialist](

Feel free to reach out through any of these channels for more information or assistance.

Warren Kozonguizi


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