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Beyond the Classroom

Since 1998, Beyond the Classroom has supported thousands of kids academically through expert tutors, helping families discover the benefits of quality in-home, customized tutoring. Beyond the Classroom has several locations in Ontario including Burlington, Guelph, Oakville, Milton, Hamilton, Flamborough, Georgetown, Mississauga and most recently, North Brampton, currently celebrating its 2nd anniversary.

Beyond the Classroom focuses on boosting confidence and improving the academic success of students from preschool to Grade 12.  The elementary subjects include language arts, French, math, science and social studies. For high school students, tutors help clarify concepts, provide assistance with assignments, and prep for tests/exams in math, science, English, French, history, geography, biology, chemistry, physics, advanced functions, calculus and data management.
The customized, high-quality in-home (and online) tutoring is conducted by Ontario certified teachers (OCT) or degreed professionals with significant teaching experience. Tutors are handpicked and are specifically selected for their superior skill set and experience including backgrounds in ESL, French and technology and special education. Our teachers have a thorough knowledge of the Ontario curriculum. Many of them are well versed in working with children with learning differences.

Beyond the Classroom’s Core Values

We are child-centred.
We provide a positive learning experience for your child. This means meeting your child where they’re at, cultivating a strong relationship with them, understanding their personal learning style, and actively working to build their confidence while they learn. We start with an “interest inventory” to get to know your child and work their passions into the lessons. Beyond the Classroom tutors support the “whole child” by approaching tutoring with the lens that academic confidence does not occur in a vacuum, there are several factors that affect learning including mental health, nutrition, and learning disabilities. We customize learning according to what your child needs and communicate with families using empathy, understanding and care.

We respect family life.
We offer flexibility with scheduling, payment options, session
content and tutoring locations to work with your family’s schedule; adapted to fit real life.
We offer a variety of payment options; we don’t ask you to sign a contract because we
want your child to have a tutor only for as long as they need one.

We know that connection is crucial.
The positive connection between the tutor and your child is as important as the learning that happens during tutoring sessions; this connection is strongest when tutors work in-home, one-on-one, and face-to-face.

Online Tutoring
Though the majority of the tutoring is done in-home, during the pandemic tutoring services have been expanded to include online tutoring. Beyond the Classroom uses an interactive and engaging online tutoring platform that allows teachers to continue to support their students despite government restrictions.

The tutors virtually “meet” your child online in the secure space, and tutor them one-on-one just like they would in person. They are able to interact with the teacher through real-time camera and voice, and share a whiteboard to draw, read and write. The online platform also has the capacity to upload and edit documents together in real-time.

Why Choose Beyond the Classroom?
Beyond the Classroom stands in a category of one, providing the highest quality, 1:1 tutoring services to children in grades JK to 12. We pride ourselves on selecting expert tutors who are caring, knowledgeable and amazing at helping kids succeed. We have over 23 years offering customized tutoring for kids in JK to Grade 12.

The flexibility for families is that there are no contracts to sign, there is a wide variety of payment options, and the first one-hour tutoring session is free, with no obligation.

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