Brampton Board of Trade

About the PGR Committee

The PGR committee identifies, researches, and formulates the Board’s position on public policy and communicates appropriate recommendations to the Board of Directors for action.

The scope of the committee is extensive; covering issues such as finance and taxation, regional connectivity, economic development, infrastructure investment, and more. The committee’s main purpose is to ensure that issues affecting the business community are voiced at all levels of government.

Join the Committee

If you have the passion or expertise to advocate for municipal, provincial, and federal issues, this committee is right for you. Join our committee of experts who review, analyze/evaluate, and respond to regulatory, legislative, and programmatic issues to serve as a liaison for legislators.

The committee meets on the first Thursday of every month from 8-9:30 am. Connect with Vijai Singh about joining.

Each year the Brampton Board of Trade holds the Prosperity Roundtable. This event hosts approximately 50 of the regions largest employers and focuses on creating an agenda that better positions Brampton in its ability to attract talent and investment. The forum hosts facilitated discussion and speakers on the topics of transportation, innovation, manufacturing, economic vision, employment, and competitive advantage.

Learn more about how the Board of Trade and the PGR committee work to advocate for Brampton’s business community.

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