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In Ontario, WCG works with Employment Ontario to provide the training, skills and experience Ontarians need to achieve their employment goals. Employment Ontario connects people looking for work with employers looking for workers and has locations across the province to help with job search and employment and training opportunities. WCG is excited to play an integral part in the transformation of Ontario’s employment services system in its role as the Service System Manager (SSM) for the Peel catchment area.

WCG is working closely with service delivery providers and other local stakeholders in the Peel region to create innovative approaches that assist people to gain job-related skills, find meaningful employment and keep on working.

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Employment Ontario Peel has created a locally responsive service-planning and delivery model which focuses on sustainable employment for workers. We work collaboratively with service delivery organizations and other stakeholders to develop effective pathways to sustainable employment for anyone seeking employment, including those in receipt of Social Assistance, people with disabilities, Indigenous people, youth and Francophones.


Employment Ontario Peel understands the growing demands placed on employers to find the right workers with the right skills. When you partner with Employment Ontario Peel we’ll do everything we can to help you find the right candidate without expensive recruitment costs. We will learn about your business, your team, the working environment and what skills, experience and values you look for in your employees.

You will get access to job-ready, qualified applicants; job postings; hiring fairs and recruitment events. Best of all, with Employment Ontario Peel, your business can provide life-changing opportunities for people and make a real difference in their lives.

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About WCG

WCG is driven to change lives and strengthen communities by adding value for both job seekers and employers. We offer innovative, community-based and effective solutions to meet today’s workforce challenges in the Region of Peel.

WCG has been partnering with governments and local agencies across Canada to create sustainable employment opportunities for people, businesses and communities for over 25 years. We provide job seekers with the support and programs they need and connect employers to their next great hire.