Brampton Board of Trade

Vice President and Site Manager Mort Achaia is a proud representative of Chromaflo Technologies Canada Inc. Achia oversees the only Brampton-based location, situated at 235 Orenda Drive and believes there is something intrinsically special about being a member of the Brampton business community. Chromaflo is not native to the city of Brampton but has been a participant in the eclectic Brampton culture for over fifty years.

Mort Achia believes that Brampton is an optimal place to do business; “Brampton has a diversified workforce. Many of its employees are from different parts of the world. This environment creates an atmosphere of tolerance and a better understanding of other cultures.” Brampton has a unique workforce that can not be replicated and the twenty-eight employees that work for Achia are representative of the diversity that Brampton has to offer. Achia sees the importance of a diversified workplace and this is celebrated at Chromaflo; “Employees take pleasure in celebrating their traditions; often sharing cuisine with each other. Visitors from our other international sites communicate with and visit the Brampton site”.

Chromaflo also enjoys supporting local sports teams, hospitals, and the local fire department. Chromaflo is a proud member of the city of Brampton; their pride stems from being a part of an inclusive community and diverse workforce.

Chromaflo has a unique selling point that diversifies them from other paint manufacturers. They offer environmentally friendly low VOC colorants. These elite VOC colorants provide superior opacity and fade resistance. Chromaflo Technologies makes the effort to be environmentally conscious which is something that has always been consistent within their business model.

The Brampton location has had a major impact on the development of high-performance environmentally friendly colorants. Also, they have found success in marketing these colorants to major customers. Chromaflo technologies follow four major principles that are employee-centric

1. Your employees are your greatest investment
2. Make your employees feel valued
3. Create an atmosphere of trust
4. Schedule regular meetings with senior management.

Achia firmly believes that employees are the most valuable part of any business; making sure that they feel supported and valued. Achia also believes that the treatment of employees is even more important for smaller businesses. Make sure that all your employees feel heard and that their opinion matters. When you allow for delegation, employees will feel like valuable members of your organization.