Brampton Board of Trade

It is a wonderful feeling to know when an initiative fructifies into reality.  Weeks ago, we were planning an initiative for our members called the ‘Member Spotlight’. A fantastic way for Brampton Board of Trade (BBOT) and its members to know about their fellow members and learn about their stories. Excitedly, today I am presenting the very first blog under our ‘Member Spotlight’ series.  We started this initiative to focus on the immense value our members deliver to society by being the best in their field. Hope we do a great job at capturing their stories. Before I start, I want to convey a big “thank you” to Lorraine Giroux from BDO First Call Debt Solutions for agreeing to start this great journey of member experiences, wisdom, and most importantly the story behind their business.

Lorraine Giroux is the Vice President at BDO First Call Debt Solutions, a company that has been helping clients since 1958 and has a specialty in budgeting and credit counselling, debt consolidation, debt management, and bankruptcy filings. She is an experienced professional with 28 years of experience and is a Licensed Insolvency Trustee. Quite simply, she is passionate about helping people who are going through an extremely trying time with their finances. Her happiness shows when she narrates how she sets the financial picture right for individuals and families and provides them with a clean slate. Takes a load off their chest is how Lorraine puts it.

Lorraine states that financial hardships can be encountered by anyone and one should rely on professional advice rather than talking to someone at the bar!!! Also, there is no point in waiting too long for seeking advice or being self-reliant as that could turn out a costly decision. She is vocal about the fact that only a Licensed Insolvency Trustee can file a bankruptcy proposal or a consumer proposal and individuals are often fooled by misleading advertising. I agree with Lorraine, I think it’s best for individuals to meet her – good to know her first consultation is FREE.

Lorraine helps families and individuals who are struggling with financial hardships and she can help them through her expertise, budgeting and financial planning or should I say financial crisis navigation skills.
Her key piece of advice is to stop comparing the lifestyles of others and ‘live within your means’. The lifestyles of others are an illusion and it’s prudent to pay attention to our own finances and seek professional advice when stuck.

Lorraine likes her work to speak for itself. Good work and happy clients are a testimony to what she does best. She enjoys delivering a high level of customer service and is glad to help without being pushy. When in a dilemma, Lorraine thinks of what her father would say in a similar situation. Her father’s words have always been a guiding light. Her father mentored her and she fondly remembers him as one of the most professional, caring, and knowledgeable people she knew.

Lorraine finds the recipe for success is being knowledgeable, honest, and empathetic and always have the client’s best interest as the top priority on your mind.

Most businesses, according to Lorraine, meet a dead-end because they have just one customer or put all their eggs in one basket. Businesses often falter because either they do not have a good business plan or they don’t follow a good business plan.

Concluding the interview, Lorraine conveyed that business is about being at the right place at the right time with the right product because it’s a need-based society. Needs lead to action and motivate people to take steps to fulfill them.