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Prosperity Agenda Anchors Business Success, Ready for 2023 Update

Early each summer the Brampton Board of Trade convenes community business leaders to articulate the Prosperity Agenda – a course of action for which the business community holds itself accountable – to bolster the conditions for prosperity in our city.

Leaders gather on June 14th at the Prosperity Roundtable, an invitation-only event and moderated discussion that explores the pillars of prosperity identified by the business community. The pillars centre around the movement of people and goods, innovation as a catalyst for growth and responsible civic leadership that instills confidence in the business community.As critical projects advance and new initiatives are undertaken, the Prosperity Agenda is updated to reflect progress made and priorities for the year ahead.

At the roundtable, each pillar is presented and discussed by a business leader who is familiar with it, and then Board of Trade members identify and provide solutions for the biggest challenges and opportunities associated with it. Five pillars in total will be discussed at the roundtable including Civic Leadership, Transit & Transportation, Talent, Innovation, Investment Attraction and Trade.
Read previous versions of the Prosperity Agenda here, and email Kevin Draper ( for more information on how you can help shape this year’s update.

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