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Home care or retirement home—What’s best for my senior loved ones?

When researching living arrangements for your senior loved ones, you’ll likely find two main options: 1) retirement homes, and 2) the one most older adults prefer—aging in place.
Living at home for as long as possible — known as aging in place — is the absolute top priority for 96 per cent of Canadians 55 and older. In fact, across Ontario alone, nearly 900,000 seniors live at home and receive home care, compared to the 60,000 seniors who live in retirement homes.

Benefits of aging in place

There are many reasons why seniors want to stay at home for a long as possible, including:

1) Familiarity

Living at home means that your older loves ones remain in a familiar, comfortable place that is filled with meaningful memories. For many seniors, the emotional value of home is far more important than its monetary value.
They may also find it easier to move around a space they already understand. Learning to navigate new spaces can feel overwhelming for many seniors.
From an emotional well-being standpoint, living in a familiar place will empower your seniors to live with a high quality of life.

2) Independence

Living at home allows seniors to maintain their usual routine, rather than having to make changes, such as eating at certain times and being surrounded by new people. Having to adjust their daily life can be very stressful and upsetting for seniors.

The home environment helps older adults to stay engaged with their normal daily activities, including regular interaction and companionship with family and community. It allows for more choices and encourages active participation in their own lives.

The differences between retirement homes and home care

Retirement homes are privately paid residences for seniors who can direct their own care. Anyone can choose to live in a retirement home as long as the home is able to support their medical needs and live without much assistance. Some, but not all homes, provide assistance with personal daily needs (bathing, dressing, etc.), sometimes at an additional cost.

In contrast, home care brings the services your loved ones need to their home instead of them having to move to the services. Your loved ones can remain in the comfort of their home, and maintain their independence while still receiving the care that they need. Home care can help with simple needs, such as meal preparation, to more complex personal needs, and can also include other services like home maintenance or even walking the dog. Home care can be a cost-effective alternative to staying in a retirement home.

What’s the cost?

Retirement homes—The cost of living in a retirement home can vary depending on the type of accommodation and the number of care services provided. In Ontario, the cost of a private room in a retirement home ranges from $1,500 to $6,000 per month, with other personal services provided at an additional cost.

In Ontario, retirement homes are not publicly funded by the government the same way that homecare services are. This means that the cost of living in a retirement home can be much more expensive compared to the cost of home care services.
In a retirement home, residents are responsible for the full cost of their:
• Rent
• Meals
• Care services purchased through the home
• External care services that are not publicly funded.
Home care— Home care in Ontario can be paid for privately by seniors and their families. In many cases, services can also be publicly funded by the government.
In fact, figures from Statistics Canada show that 91% of households reported no out-of-pocket costs for homecare nursing services, and 79% reported they didn’t have to pay for other home care services (physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech-language pathology, and nutrition counselling).3

You can customize any personal homecare services that may help your seniors age in place, as well bring in home maintenance services when needed.

Compared to the cost of other add-on options that may involve your loved ones leaving her beloved home, it can actually be more affordable for them to age in place and have the services brought to them.

What is Vyta?
Vyta is designed to alleviate the stress on family caregivers by making caregiving more manageable. At Vyta, we understand the different emotions that come with caring for your aging loved ones – the joys and the challenges. That’s why we created Vyta – a simple, all-in-one solution thoughtfully designed to provide you with the relief you truly deserve when helping your loved ones age in place. Our dedicated Vyta Experts will be your trusted partners at every step of your caregiving journey. From providing continuous support and guidance, especially through those difficult conversations with your family, to coordinating multiple service providers for your loved one’s home and aging-in-place needs, we have you covered! With Vyta you can now enjoy peace of mind and the freedom to prioritize what matters most – spending quality time and creating meaningful memories with your loved ones!

What sets Vyta apart?
Dedicated Vyta Expert — Experience peace of mind with your dedicated Vyta Expert – a single point of contact who listens, guides, and coordinates all your loved ones’ services and providers. Simplify caregiving and enjoy expert assistance every step of the way.
All-In-One Solution— Our convenient all-in-one solution is designed to effortlessly coordinate and manage all your loved ones’ aging in place needs under one roof and one bill. Say goodbye to juggling multiple service providers and handling numerous bills. Dedicate more time to what matters most!
Affordable Option— Explore our packages for a more affordable option –avoid having to research expensive retirement homes, their costly add-ons, or multiple single-service providers. A short call with our team could save you more than just time.
Home and well-being packages – Simple and convenient solution that saves you time, money, and stress. Regardless of the chores and responsibilities you currently take on for your loved ones, we have the perfect package to meet your needs. Each package offers the simplicity of a single point of contact and one fixed-rate monthly bill, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – creating meaningful memories with your senior loved ones while enjoying peace of mind.

Contact our Vyta Experts today. We’ll work with you and your loved ones to understand their specific needs and curate the right mix of services so they can age in place and enjoy quality of life.




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