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Frankensolar Americas joins BBOT to help Brampton businesses cut their electricity costs using solar.

Frankensolar Americas promises to help businesses take control of their cost of electricity and lock their low electricity rate for 25+ years, avoiding regular annual forecasted 4-5% utility rate increases.

They are currently offering a FREE preliminary design and financial model for businesses in Brampton, remotely and safely, using Google Earth and their state-of-the-art engineering and simulation tools.

Frankensolar works with commercial and industrial businesses in Ontario to design and build solar systems allowing businesses to generate clean electricity at CAD $0.05 – $0.07/ kWh, saving businesses money and offsetting gas-fired utility generators as well as onsite carbon production.

Established in 1990 in the Franken region of Germany, people and environment have been at the heart of Frankensolar’s corporate culture.

In 2011, with rising costs of electricity in Canada and economies of scale driving solar system costs down, Frankensolar Americas launched their Canadian operations to address the Americas markets and bring the most extensive portfolio of global top solar equipment manufacturers to their Canadian HQ and warehouse in Brampton, Ontario.

To date, Frankensolar Americas has supplied over 100 MW of commercial and residential solar PV equipment and systems, more than any other Canadian supplier.

With economies of scale and increasing solar panel manufacturing, the cost of solar panels has decreased by 90% over the last 10 years

With a properly engineered solution, businesses can achieve an ROI between 5-7 years depending on system size, making Government incentives no longer a requirement.

Businesses can also take advantage of Netmetering as electricity generated during the day and summer can be used at night and in the winter, without adding storage on site. This allows solar system owners to use the utility grid as storage, consuming whatever they need whenever they need it.

When designed properly, solar systems require minimal maintenance. Frankensolar guarantees businessess’ investments and their workmanship by providing a free year of preventive O&M services with each commercial or industrial system. Preventative operation and maintenance include reporting on the generation and performance of your system as well as a free annual visual inspection of your system and connections.

Solar rooftop systems offer an opportunity for businesses with large rooftop space and considerable electrical consumption to cut down their utility bills from day one. Manufacturing, fabrication, commercial offices, distribution centers, and climatized storage facilities and warehouses spend a major percentage of their expenses on electricity. Frankensolar Americas works with these businesses to help them save on electricity and focus on their business growth.

Contact Frankensolar Americas now for a FREE preliminary design and financial model of your system, remotely and safely, using Google Earth and their state-of-the-art engineering and simulation tools.

Tel: (289) 276-5279

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