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Brampton Board of Trade Welcomes Milton Logistics Hub Approval

The Brampton Board of Trade thanks and commends the federal government for this week’s approval of the Milton Logistics Hub. Since 2015 our organization has strongly supported this critical piece of goods movement infrastructure, and having closely followed and participated in the more than six year approval process we are pleased to see that it has satisfied an exhaustive environmental review and is now ready for construction.

Here in the Region of Peel, goods movement contributes more than $49 billion per year to our regional GDP and more than 44% of jobs in Peel rely on the industry. With an expected construction time of 18 months, we know that critical infrastructure like the Milton Logistics Hub will unlock even more economic potential. This week’s news is particularly timely given the on-going challenges we are seeing in major parts of the global supply chain. We look forward to seeing Brampton’s status as a world leader in goods movement further cemented and approval of the Milton Logistics Hub is a significant step forward.

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