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Brampton Board of Trade Delegates to City Council in Support of LRT in Downtown Brampton

Last Wednesday, the Brampton Board of Trade delegated at Brampton City Council in support of a staff report recommending the city move forward with the completion of the Hazel McCallion LRT to Downtown Brampton via a tunnel option. The BBOT has been engaged on this issue for ten years, and throughout has been consistent in our advocacy for a solution that meets the needs of the community in the most expedient and cost-effective manner. Although BBOT has at times supported alternate routing options, we are satisfied that the analysis undertaken demonstrates that the tunnel option is a feasible one that meets the future needs of Brampton. Further, given recent commitments by the province toward transit infrastructure funding, staff feels confident the resources to complete the line would be available and presented compelling cost-comparisons that showed the investment in Brampton is favourable to those being made in other municipalities.  That being the case, BBOT urged City Council to vigorously pursue the appropriate funding for the project and committed to being an ongoing advocate for the completion of the line. Read full deputation here.

On Thursday morning we were advised that the provincial government has directed Metrolinx to complete the Hazel McCallion LRT to Downtown Brampton, a welcome announcement on this project. The Brampton Board of Trade will continue to monitor and push for what’s best for Brampton as we await details on routing and timelines.

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