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Brampton Board of Trade Completes Re-Accreditation with Chamber of Commerce Accreditation Council of Canada

Accreditation is synonymous with excellence, representing the formal recognition that member chambers of commerce/boards of trade have undergone a thorough evaluation, meeting stringent national standards in policy, service, and performance.

Earning accreditation and proudly showcasing the official accreditation seal serves as a powerful proclamation by your chamber, signifying a dedicated commitment to our distinct value proposition as “the voice of business” in communities across Canada.

The process of accreditation is not a one-time event but an ongoing commitment to quality. It involves a re-evaluation every three years, a process that the Brampton Board of Trade has consistently excelled in since 2007.

The foundation of this accreditation rests on three essential pillars, each meticulously examined through a comprehensive submission of documentation detailing criteria and line items. These three pillars encompass Organization/Governance, Policy & Advocacy, and Memberships Programs/Services.

In September 2023, the Brampton Board of Trade successfully completed the re-accreditation process, underscoring its unwavering dedication to upholding the highest standards of ethics and governance. This achievement solidifies the chamber’s position as a steadfast advocate for businesses, ensuring its continued role as a beacon of excellence in the Canadian business landscape.

Upcoming Events

The Brampton Board of Trade has developed a dynamic series of events tailored to the needs of Brampton businesses. Whether it’s to recognize the individual and collective success of Brampton businesses or to share best practices in a webinar or workshop, our events are designed to connect Brampton’s business community and foster your growth and development.

With ongoing forums, networking events, and Signature events such as our Business Excellence Awards, another event is always around the corner.

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