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Brampton Board of Trade Annual General Meeting Charts Course Forward under New Chair and CEO

Last week members and directors of the Brampton Board of Trade came together for our Annual General Meeting, an important yearly transition in business community leadership that this year marked an especially significant organizational change. Mayor Patrick Brown and Councillor Dennis Keenan joined the meeting, with the Mayor leading the swearing-in of the incoming Board of Directors.

Much of the discussion at the meeting focused on the upcoming transition in leadership at the Board of Trade. Outgoing CEO Todd Letts used his CEO report to recap his nine years at the helm of BBOT, recognizing the many partners in the room that have been a part of his entire time as CEO.

Incoming Chair Louis Vouloukos, of Lawrence Lawrence Stevenson LLP, focused his remarks on the theme of Moving Forward Together. As businesses face unprecedented headwinds, he highlighted ways in which we can work together, as the BBOT membership, to strengthen our collective voice and impact. Given Brampton’s unique geography and diverse business community, there are huge opportunities to think globally while acting locally. Additionally, the organization is well-positioned to take advantage of our leadership role locally and regionally, collaborating with our partners and other like-minded organizations and chambers of commerce to drive programs and initiatives that impact key members needs such as talent attraction and navigating new technologies.

At the conclusion of the meeting, Chair Vouloukos shared with attendees that starting in January, Jaipaul Massey-Singh will succeed Todd Letts as CEO of the Board of Trade. Massey-Singh is a past chair of BBOT, a respected entrepreneur and consultant, and an active community volunteer right here in Brampton. His remarks to the membership set the tone for the beginning of his tenure, and many members and partners were keen to meet him following the meeting and extend their good wishes.

Welcome to 2023-2024 Board of Directors, and a heartful thank you to those retiring from the Board after multiple years of exceptional service!

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