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Celebrating Excellence

Brampton is home to some of the most dynamic businesses in Canada. Each year, the Brampton Board of Trade recognizes the best of the best small, medium and large businesses at this inspiring event.

This years event is being held on May 2, 2024 at the Pearson Convention Centre.

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10 Business Excellence Categories

Global Trade Impact

These companies are putting Canada on the map and making Brampton an internationally recognized name – not an easy feat within a dynamic and competitive global marketplace. Versatile, ever-changing and highly strategic, these businesses are distinguishing themselves abroad and bringing Brampton to the world.

Community Impact

An important pillar of our city is to support the lives of Brampton residents by helping improve access to opportunities and the essentials of life. These Not-for-Profit organizations are beacons of hope, focusing their efforts on social change and community development.

Community Builder

These local businesses make corporate social responsibility part of their company’s vision and have made their community a priority. The impact they have made on individuals and organizations in our city has been significant — and have helped change lives for the better.

Vibrant City Cultural Award

Brampton’s population, made up of 250 cultures and 171  languages, is one of the most diverse populations in Canada. Brampton’s diversity is also found in its age, gender, faith, and ability. Reflecting our vibrant city boasting a rich mosaic of experiences that ignite the senses and inspires community understanding through arts and culture, this category recognizes eligible organizations who contribute to Brampton’s unique spirit.

Smart Solutions (for achievement and excellence in Digital Transformation)

The businesses operating within this space are our eyes into the future. Highly creative and strategic, these nominees have achieved excellence in the area of digital transformation. Responding to constant shifts in their fields of expertise, these companies have researched, discovered and adopted new and innovative technologies in order to improve efficiency, provide value and ultimately evolve their business.

Service Excellence (eligible businesses include restaurants/catering/venues and hotels)

Brampton’s thriving service industry is dedicated to delivering essential services and experiences which support and promote the well-being of our community. Brampton’s service sector is integral to our city’s growing economy as they serve the needs of our city’s diverse businesses and customer demands.

Retail Experience

The ‘support local’ slogan brings new and necessary focus to the importance of retail — and the potential prosperity that comes through community re-investment. Brampton’s bustling and expansive range of retail businesses provide an enormous assortment of goods, services and experiences. The businesses in this category are ceaselessly customer-centric and forward-thinking, anticipating the needs and wants of the Brampton community in all facets of life.


Not only is Brampton located in the centre of the 2nd largest Information and Communication Cluster in North America, but also has a reputation for fostering inventive entrepreneurs and developing cutting-edge technology. Driven and determined, these visionaries are champions of innovation, pushing our imaginations and city forward with every new idea.

Environmental Sustainability

Brampton business owners understand that while growth and profitability are the keys to success, they must also do their part to protect the environment and consider broader society in how they manage their operations. Many local leaders are increasing their focus on climate and environmental sustainability by making conscious choices in all facets of their business — for the betterment of Brampton and beyond

Small Business Excellence Award

The backbone of our community, Brampton’s small businesses have shaped our local economy and continue to influence our city’s economic transformation. The thousands of passionate entrepreneurs and creative teams behind each of our small businesses are diverse, inventive visionaries who have shown excellence in founding and expanding their business.

*Small business nominees in this category should have been in business for more than 2 years, with less than 50 employees.

Thank You Sponsors

Dr. Asima Vezina Named 2024 Brampton Board of Trade Business Person of the Year

Brampton Board of Trade is delighted to announce that Asima Vezina, President and Vice-Chancellor at Algoma University, has been named 2024 Brampton Business Person of the Year.

The Business Person of the Year is awarded to an individual that has demonstrated business excellence and community leadership, contributing to Brampton in both professional and personal endeavors.

Asima Vezina, PhD, joined the Algoma University leadership team as President and Vice-Chancellor in October 2017, bringing more than 20 years of transformational leadership experience to the role.
Asima oversees the development and implementation of the institution’s Strategic Plan while advancing the University’s Special Mission to cultivate cross-cultural learning in a safe, welcoming and inclusive environment.

During Dr. Vezina’s tenure, the University has experienced record enrolment growth, successfully introduced new academic programming, and an expanded research presence. In addition, Algoma University has been recognized as a leader within the post-secondary sector’s response to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to Action. Algoma University has significantly expanded its presence in both Northern and Southern Ontario through the development of three full campuses in Brampton, Sault Ste. Marie and Timmins.

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