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Brampton Board of Trade Joins Other Champions of the Cause by Supporting the Largest Gift Card Program in Ontario to Help Local Restaurants

From: The Mississauga News, Brampton Guardian and Community Champions

With ongoing and ever-changing restaurant restrictions during the Covid-19 pandemic, local dining establishments are struggling to keep afloat and desperately need a helping hand. Spearheaded by The Mississauga News and The Brampton Guardian, in co-operation with several “Champions of the Cause” (community-minded business leaders) this is the Largest Gift Card Program in Ontario to support local restaurants. Thousands of dollars worth of gift cards are being purchased from local family or independently owned restaurants to be distributed in our community.

Gautam Sharma, Advertising Director of The Mississauga News and Brampton Guardian says: “This program is the largest business-to-business program of its type in Ontario, which is only made possible through the generous support of like-minded community leaders. These business leaders are the ‘Champions of the Cause’ and the real heroes who are giving back to their community.”

A few of the Champions of the Cause include The Brampton Board of Trade, Public Storage Canada and Bramgate Automotive Inc.

Brampton Board of Trade CEO Todd Letts: “The Board of Trade is always working to support businesses in Brampton, through its advocacy initiatives, cost savings programs and by bringing business people together to collaborate and build a better Brampton together.” The BBOT sees the restaurant support program as a great next step, building on the campaign as the gift card program now provides additional cash flow to businesses at this critical time.

Robert De Luca, Director of Sales and Marketing for Public Storage Canada: “The last two years have been challenging for the restaurant industry with being opened and closed, open and closed, and having to transform their business model to take-out only. As a business with seven locations in Mississauga, this is our way to lend a giving hand, to say thank you and encourage restaurants to hang in there.”

Brad Johnston, GM of Audi Brampton and Bill Jr. Johnston, GM of Bramgate Volkswagen, Bramgate Automotive Inc. : “We’ve been doing business in Brampton for 55 years next month and have had opportunities like this to give back to charitable causes. During this pandemic, our local family-owned restaurants took a major hit. They are so important to our community. We were fortunate to be able to stay open and operate safely throughout most of the pandemic, and we wanted to support those who were not able to stay open.”

Here’s how the Restaurant Revival Gift Card Program works:

  • Thousands of $10 and $20 gift cards are being purchased from local, independently or family owned small to mid-sized restaurants by The Mississauga News on behalf of the Champions of the Cause.
  • The gift cards will be distributed by the Champions of the Cause to their customers, suppliers, staff or given out in the community, creating a movement of giving back.
  • Many of the restaurant gift certificates will be given to front line workers in our community as a thank you for their ongoing work during the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • The local restaurants will benefit from the gift certificate purchase and will attract new customers who ideally will spend money over and above the amount of the gift certificate to support the restauranteur.

The program launched January 26th.

For more information contact Charlene Luis, Account Executive, Community Brands, Star Metroland Media, Peel Region,, cell 416-402-5863

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